We kept thinking we would have more answers and we could write an exciting update. Instead, our paperwork didn’t make it through two initial checks at the embassy without an explanation for which we could take corrective action. We can thank COVID because before the pandemic our agency’s liaison would pick up the paperwork in […]

Twist & Turns

This week has been a disappointing week. One of the strange things of any adoption process is how emotionally charged each piece of paperwork can be. We spent this last year redoing everything we had done the year before, and we found out this week there is a chance we may have to do it […]

Home Study Approved!!

In the Fall 2019 we began the journey to grow our family again. We started an adoption process to bring our son or daughter home from China. As this year draws to a close we have finished what feels like the first chapter on the long journey to bringing our second child home! This year […]

Hello world!

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