We are parents

October 3rd, 2016 by beazerwriter

As this week starts off there isn’t any thing outwardly that seems different.  Yet we signed a piece of paper on  Saturday that means we are parents. As the ink dried tears flowed down my face.  Hot tears of joy that came out of some deep within me.  Over the past year we have filled out and signed so many pieces of paper and at first this one seemed like all the others.  Yesterday I felt different this deep place within me knew I was a parent and today as I wake confirms that feeling is here to stay. We still have more waiting before we can bring our son home. This has been the name of the game for the past year.  Last November we got a phone call that would change our lives.  We had applied to be in Dillon International’s open options adoption program. This meant we didn’t have to limit ourselves to children from any particular place initially.  Dillon’s director of the Chinese adoption program was the one on  the phone.  She told us about a  six year old boy who they through prayer and studying our file thought would be a good match with a us.  Due to his status in the adoption system we had a couple of weeks to decide to adopt him or not.  We prayed and poured over everything given to us.  We confidently said yes and we sent off our first form to the Chinese government.  We were pre-approved to adopt this little boy who now is our son.  Usually a family is not matched with a child until after they have completed  many more steps.  I know for me the fact I was doing all of this work for this child motivated me in an incredible.  I am so thankful for that blessing. The rythym of paperwork and waiting continued throughout 2016. Now here in October we have reached this Milestone of our Letter seeking confirmation which means we have been approved to adopt this seven year old boy. We signed in agreement and from here we have sent off for all his travel documents some to the US immigration and some to the CCCWA the branch of the Chinese government that handles the adoption.  These will meet up in Guangzhou at the US Consulate who will give us an appointment to appear and our travel date builds off of this. Yea we have a son!!   

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