Home Study Approved!!

In the Fall 2019 we began the journey to grow our family again. We started an adoption process to bring our son or daughter home from China.

As this year draws to a close we have finished what feels like the first chapter on the long journey to bringing our second child home!

This year has been filled with tons of up and downs at least in the paper trail. Everything has taken twice as long and we now have done this first round of paperwork twice at least. In many ways getting to this points feels like a huge accomplishment we spent so much time pushing through emotional and pandemic related obstacles.

We are mindful though of the families who are travel-ready, set to pickup their children, but the pandemic has kept them apart this whole year. We pray just as governments have reopened travel soon will follow.

Up next for us is US immigration paperwork and more fingerprinting. And with a completed home study we can now officially begin seeking grants and other financial support.

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