Twist & Turns

This week has been a disappointing week. One of the strange things of any adoption process is how emotionally charged each piece of paperwork can be. We spent this last year redoing everything we had done the year before, and we found out this week there is a chance we may have to do it again.

Our finalized home study still has not arrived. We found out our packet of paperwork at the embassy was deemed incomplete, but there was no explanation of what was missing. We had to overnight a new set of forms that start the paperwork file at the embassy and our agency is going to resubmit the file.

Then it was good news, bad news. Our agency was able to get a embassy appointment to resubmit everything for this week, yea! Bad news the processing time is now 6 weeks instead of 2 and this could mean some of our documents are too old. So we may have to start 2021 by doing this paperwork step over again for the 3rd time.

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