We kept thinking we would have more answers and we could write an exciting update.

Instead, our paperwork didn’t make it through two initial checks at the embassy without an explanation for which we could take corrective action. We can thank COVID because before the pandemic our agency’s liaison would pick up the paperwork in person and be able to have a clarifying conversation. That no longer matters because the extra time caused by COVID for the paperwork to travel through the various agencies has now meant all of the notarizations are too old and have expired.

So last week we began our third round of the same paperwork. We sent off for birth certificates and marriage license. And started the conversation with the police department (took us ~2 months last time). Next week we will be printing and taking all of the other paperwork to be signed and notarized here in town at various places. The hope being that by early to mid-march we will be able to send a packet back to through the Texas State Department – US State Department – Chinese Embassy verification process.

On the immigration front our paperwork is at USCIS to get immigration approval for our future child. Also, all of us have passport paperwork being processed in various agencies.

In many ways this setback has created a new beginning and with that has come new energy and excitement about the future for our family. We are hopeful that we will be off this paperwork carousel this spring.

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