What a difference a year makes…

This time last year my life was turned upside down. We had just moved to Waco and were anxiously awaiting the first day of seminary. We had no job and had no idea what to expect. Then school started. It took an entire semester for me to get used to being in school again, and we still didn’t have jobs. In fact, we went through the whole year with nothing more than part-time-not-coming-close-to-paying-the-bills-jobs. This was NOT part of our plan for seminary. Aaron was supposed to find a job as a youth minister, and I was supposed to find a campus job. But instead, I had no job, and Aaron tutored athletes and took care of horses for the Baylor Equestrian team. Eventually, we gave up on finding a church job and decided we would just push through and try to finish seminary as quickly as possible so we could focus on Camp Machaceh again and move back to our family and friends in Dallas.

Fast forward to July. Aaron and I had the privilege of going to Sonlight Camp in Pagosa Springs, CO this year. Aaron was the speaker at a week of camp for middle schoolers. We had a blast! We saw God move in amazing ways, and He reminded us how much we love hanging out with teenagers. The desire to work with youth more than just in the summer was set ablaze again. But we had little time to think about it because we had one week to put the finishing touches on Camp Machaceh and head to camp. The week was absolutely insane! But between all the planning and pakcing, Aaron took the time to apply for 3 youth ministry positions in the Waco area. We heard back from all 3 the next day. Two days before we left for camp, we had an interview with one church. With everything that was going on, we barely had time to think about it!

A few days later while we were at camp, they called Aaron  to set up another interview for the following Sunday. We went back for that interview, and by the next afternoon, we had received an email informing Aaron that they wanted him to be their youth minister! In case you are keeping track, that was only 11 days after the initial interview!

Two Sundays ago Bosqueville Baptist Church voted  to hire Aaron as their youth minister. God is so faithful. He heard our cries. He knew the desire of our hearts to work with youth on a day to day basis. And He has blessed us immensely! We are so looking forward to working with the youth at BBC! God has brought us full circle, and the best part is that it was completely on His time table. Next time, I will try to be more patient! :o)

Enjoy these pics of our new church home! More to come…




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