May 1st, 2009 by beazerwriter

I have spent the last 24 hours without a voice and its seems to be sticking around. If I talk it sounds like a mouse. Most of my thoughts of yesterday where about how frustrating this is. Then like minds do I began to wonder if I would ever get my voice back. Perhaps I broke my vocal chords coughing. Is there a surgery for that? Well then maybe they can give me a good signing voice when they put me back together.

As the storm of thoughts and worry blanketed my mind I was moved. How many people in this world are voiceless. I am not talking about mute physically. Socially millions of people have no voice. Orphans are the first one I thought of. Hundreds of millions of orphans live all over the world and countless amount of the die every day. So many people starve to death each day that its seems like it would be 1 every time I breathe. Maybe it is more often than that. There are so many other voiceless people it is daunting.

I know God hears every cry.  Am I listening though? Or am I furthering voicelessness for those in need?

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