Bathroom Remodel – Done!!

March 8th, 2014 by beazerwriter


In a brief two and a half years a lot can happen:

When we moved in to our new home we knew we wanted to update the bathroom. How hard could that be?

Off to races we went. Dismantling and stripping the bathroom down. Our plan called for a complete reconfiguration.

Simultaneously, the project’s difficulty met graduate school, carpal tunnel, family illness, and birth of a nephew. Nothing happened for a long long time. Then the calvary arrived. I appreciate everyone who has helped us with this project my dad/Ken, my brother/Luke, Kevin Goodwin, Michael Schumacher, and Zachary Raygoza. Thanks so much! Of course this has been a long project and my memory is not that good if you helped me and I left you out I apologize.

It only took around a year to gut the bathroom. Surely, it won’t take long to rebuild it. Many hours under the house, inspections, setbacks, insane amount of steps, and a little wishful thinking carried us through the next year.

Of course none of this was possible without the patience and amazing effort of my wife!!

This little guy was always eager to help!

And now we can actually see our vision in reality!!!


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