When Bad News Can’t Come

October 23rd, 2016 by beazerwriter

A year ago I said goodbye to my mom for the last time. The past 365 days have been a wild ride on the train of grief with all the ensuing emotions for all of us.
As hard as it has been there is one thing that has been unwavering. When my phone rings I know it is not going to be news of my mom’s health failing. The years of fearing test results are over. My mom never again has to endure unrelenting rounds of treatment. The unwavering thing is this: my mom is more alive today than she was in her 60 years of earthly life.

We followers of Christ are a resurrected people. We are alive in Jesus in a way we can only begin to grasp. 

These sunny skies will be darkened by clouds again.Unseen and unknown brokenness lurks in the annals of future time. Bad news wages a valiant fight, but I am confident beyond any doubt it is the real loser.

Pain is real and scars ever present. But this life with Jesus is something more; something beyond just here and now. One of the things I have drawn from this day a year ago is I fear no bad news. 

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  • Thank you for including me in this. My mom has just been diagnosed with Cancer and my dad is not in good health I feel like I am at the beginning of a long journey.Please pray for us