October 22nd, 2019 by beazerwriter

After a long long break I decided to jump on here and found the beginnings of this post. A lot has happened in my life including moving away from SE Texas. However, I am mindful and continue to pray for our neighbors as as they continue to rebuild and recover. Especially, now that the process was interrupted and restarted for many by Imelda. So here is the incomplete post and a few pictures from Hurricane Harvey. Along with lots of prayers.

I have an been infrequent writer (undisciplined) so a long pause over a year on my blog isn’t that odd. However, the year and few months that have gone by has been anything but ordinary. A few weeks ago as I read through my blog feed and watch a couple of how to videos I had an epiphany. I felt silenced. I have experienced actually being silenced it is a horrible feeling. I realized in my insecurity I had actually silenced myself. This is more than my digital footprint, but even trickles into my day to day.

Shortly, after my last post of July of 2017 we as family entered into one of the most difficult seasons. It is still difficult to talk about all that we under went during this season partly because of pain and partly because words fail to capture the experience. As we entered this season Hurricane Harvey struck and our community received around 50″ of rain in five days (A year average of rainfall). Almost 10,000 homes flooded in our little county you can drive to the four corners in about an hour. We spent a week as island unable to get out from our city in direction.

Our church, like our community came together, and people from all over the US responded. We clearly saw God at the work in the middle of this situation.

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